About the inn​

The Green House is a unique and tranquil resting place located deep in the heart of the Sacred Valley, in the community of Huarán, surrounded by 360° of breathtaking panoramic mountain views.

A little more than one hour by car from Cusco, the inn is centrally located to everything you could want to do or see within the Sacred Valley; ruins, pueblos, and other places of interest, touristic and off the beaten path. Your view from your room is of the most sacred of the mountains: Pitusiray, the feminine Apu. There are hiking paths abounding along the river that rushes behind the Lodge, or up to the waterfall of Arin. The Green House is set back a bit from the main road so you truly have that feeling of tucking away from the buzz of the valley. Everything was designed consciously, utilizing natural materials and being as kind to the land as possible. Nothing was rushed in the making of the Green House: Adobe walls, stones, mud, natural paint dyes, eucalyptus wood and solar thermal tubes to heat the water- all connecting and linking us with nature.

There are only four rooms here, with a capacity of holding nine guests. This was done intentionally, so that the guests here could have space, serenity, peace, but also so that each person staying here can receive personal and thoughtful service and be able to connect with each other. This is your home away from home to relax. Everyone that walks through these doors is family. The common area is surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling windows for a panoramic view that takes your breath away and leaves you in awe at the splendor of this Earth. The gardens, a botanical wonderland, envelope the whole property, adding to the backdrop that is here for you to enjoy- including the world’s largest hummingbird.

Here, we cater to assisting each individual need, offering connections with many activities. There is something for everyone; active to creative, to mellow. Peruvian cooking classes, Cycling, Kayaking/Water Rafting, Horseback Riding, Hikes, plant ceremonies, the list goes on.

Both English and Spanish are spoken at The Green House.

For larger groups/retreats: I combine spacing with the Green House Villas, directly adjacent to the inn to hold a capacity of up to 27 people.


Located at kilometer 56.8 on the Carretera going from Pisaq to Ollantaytambo in the village Huarán, in the center of the Sacred Valley.

Who are we?

Where to begin…

My mom and I stepped in as the new owners in 2013. I can’t believe how time has flown! It has been such a journey honoring this magical space that was created years ago and caring for those that enter to stay here with me during their Peru travels! You will find me, Kelly, on the property all year round, while my mother visits off and on throughout the year.

The Green House was imagined and conceived by two incredible and kind-hearted human beings: Bryan and Gabriel, both expats themselves. After selling the inn to us, they have continued to remain a large, irreplaceable part of the community.

The Green House officially opened in May of 2008 and because of all of the wonderful guests and their enthusiasm to share their experiences, reactions, and comments on Trip Advisor, this bed and breakfast has reached unexpected heights.

And as of November, 2013, The Green House has been passed over to us, after two years of corresponding with Bryan and Gabriel, it finally became reality. I think all of the foreigners who move to this Valley have come in search of a different way of life. I moved here from New York City with my canine companion, Lala, but I grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, so close to my heart was always a longing for nature. At 30 years old, even long before, I could consciously recognize how imperative it was for me to shift out of the Big City Lifestyle. After a trip to the Sacred Valley in 2011 with my mother and friends, I immediately felt home in a way that I had not felt anywhere else. My mother shared my sentiment- afterall, it was her who brought me to Peru to experience the magic. After a week here, my mind was on overdrive: How can I make this my reality? How can I move here? What would it be like to live here? And so begun the dialog with my mother, who also wanted to deepen her work here in healthcare with her students from University of Delaware. Two days after returning to the states, I found The Green House through a shot in the dark Google Search and the conversation started between Bryan and Gabriel and me and my mother. A year later, my mother was able to come back to see the property, I made it back here alone April 2013- and in a few days, everything pointed to this being so right and true, that in July, my mother and I flew back to begin the process of a great life change and adventure!

And now it has been two years later. I can’t quite explain the uniquely special people I have met and connected with; both passing through and locally.

Through the many aspects of my life, a key phrase has always stuck with me- in whatever my passions have been- and that is my desire to assist people on their journey. This being the most literal way in which I can do something like that, it is beautiful to see it manifesting so powerfully. A former thespian, and now current Holistic Health Coach and Reiki practitioner- and an all around student of life, I could not feel more at home in my footsteps now. My mother, being a professor of maternal-child nursing in the states, had an immediate desire to assist within the communities here in the valley, in an area where there is a desperate need for education and assistance. She brings study-abroads here annually and is further developing her program to better aide the women and children here within the mountain communities. To be able to combine our dreams and missions is so special to me. A blessing truly.


In life, sometimes changes occur and it feels you are swimming against a current. And sometimes, miraculously, changes can occur and it feels as if a whole community is helping you to swim WITH the current. This shift was exactly that. The support and assistance in this transition have been paramount and prove to my mother and me what a special place this is, the community and the Green House. It continues to be our goal to uphold the integrity with which this spectacular place was built. As I will be the one permanently here with Lala and our Peruvian canine additions I have acquired over the two years, Gracie and Noya, I look forward to connecting with you all and assisting you with absolutely whatever your needs may be during your stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


The Green House is not just a bed and breakfast. It is my home. This valley is my home, and I welcome you all with open arms.

Phone: +51 941 299 944 (whatsapp and iMessage enabled)
Route Pisac-Ollantaytambo Km 56.8, Huaran, valle sagrado de los incas, calca, Cuzco Peru.
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